BATOREU family is a historic winemaking family from Aveiras de Cima, Portugal. The two major branches of the family, Batoreu and Canteiro, have been involved in the production of wine for over five generations.

In 1860, Ignacio Batoreu and José N. Canteiro are established as wine producers in Aveiras de Cima, growing their own grapes in vineyards located at Sítio dos Poços, the same place where is located the main property of the family today. In the early 1900's, the Batoreu family winemaking heritage continued with Ignacio's son, António Batoreu, who built a new cellar and started to sell his wine regularly for distribution in the Lisbon market.

In 1921, António Batoreu lost his father Ignacio and his wife Nazareth in just 4 months. António's unique son, José Batoreu, was only 15 years old and started to work in the wine business helping his father. A few years later they founded the company BATOREU & FILHO, which was mantained until António's death in 1957. After that, José Batoreu continued to run the wine business sucessfully itself.

In 1935, José Batoreu married Camila Canteiro, José C. Canteiro's daughter. During decades (1920's to 1960's), José C. Canteiro was one of the greatest winemaking entrepreneurs in the region. He developed his business and became the biggest land owner in the village, planting some of the major vineyards in the region.

In 1970, a significant part of José C. Canteiro heritage passed down to José Batoreu and his wife Camila and in 1981, after José Batoreu died, to their two daughters Maria José and Maria Camila. Since that time, Maria José's husband, Armando Silvestre, was the principal mentor of the family wine business.

In 1988, the family owned company AGRO-BATOREU was founded, with the main objective of production and marketing of quality bottled estate wines. Two major brands were registered: BATOREUS (1989) and TERRA SILVESTRE (1992).

In 2007, Armando Silvestre died suddenly and his two sons João and José Batoreu Silvestre decided to continue the family winemaking legacy. José Batoreu Silvestre became the company General Manager.


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