Tejo is the main Iberian river, called Tagus in Latin and English. The Tejo region has been known as a wine producing region since the middle age. The name of the province, Ribatejo (meaning Tejo Bank in Portuguese), was chosen 15 years ago to call the new wine region that was being created from the joining of smaller Denominations.

In the meantime, substantial improvement has been achieved, both in the vines and in the winemaking, and it was decided to return to TEJO, the original name for this wine producing area, to highlight the region tradition and new ambitions.

The terroir is marked by the main river, Tejo. The river separates the 3 distinct zones of wine production: BAIRRO, CAMPO and CHARNECA.

BAIRRO, on the right bank of Tejo, where is located our winery (Aveiras de Cima). Soils of limestone and clay, disposed in more irregular fields where the hills alternate with plains reaching out until the north border of the region, here, the vine and olive-tree dominate.
CAMPO is a zone of plains, flooded periodically by Tejo River. These floods are responsible for the high fertility of the area.
CHARNECA, on the left bank of Tejo, further down south. This are not very productive sandy soils. It is a very dry zone, with higher temperatures than the rest of the region and where the maturation of the grapes is faster.


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